Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Into the desert

14th Oct.
Arizona state has agreed to fund the state parks for one week so after a few days on the coast we're heading 650 miles East to Tusayan. Big relief to get moving as neither of us wanted to burn anymore time and money in holiday resorts. After Arizona we'll see if anything else is opening and if not, cut our losses and head to Mexico early.
So - 11 hour drive through incredible scenery, listening to suitable road trip music - Kings of Leon, Lana del Ray, Violent Femmes & of course Nick Cave for the bits when there was just us, some scrubby plants and the horizon.
We did shifts in driving and as the roads are empty, straight and in beautiful surrounds the time went by a lot quicker than expected. Stopped for lunch in a diner down a dirt track - only sounds were the Stars and Stripes flag pole clanking and the whirring noise inside the head of the waitress as to why there were non-locals there. Pink lemonade & grilled sandwiches later and back on the road. Literally the road. For 200 miles before the next turn.
Got here around 20.00 so drove through sunset - stunning. Whole world turned burnt orange then pitch black with some very impressive star light. Tired and hungry so found a motel and now off to bed. Got some hiking to do tomorrow and lots of pointing at canyons.

Wifi is shonky so dates posted are not always going to be the dates referred to and pics might have to be added later on.
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