Sunday, 6 July 2014

Time to go home...

Writing this final post from a friends flat in London. We're 'home', but as we put all our stuff in storage and gave the keys back when we left in Oct, we don't actually have a home.

In our first 24 hours we've caught up on some things we've really missed:
Talking to friends rather than emailing
Cheese that tastes of cheese and would NEVER be squeezed out of a bottle
Only having to say things once in our own language

We'll be living out of the rucksack for a week or so more while we find our own place, and we start back at work in a few days which is going to be a huge shock.  As such we're wrapping up the blog,  downloading the last photos and chucking out some clothes that have served us well but really have no place in polite society. 

It's been incredible and we've loved it. Even the bits we didn't actively love at the time have been fantastic experiences and we don't regret a thing. 

 Blogging's a curious thing - we're never sure if it's being read by anyone but irrespective, it's going to be a useful reminder when grey skies and commuter rage blur our memories. So, until next time - Adios! 

Gayle & Chris
June 2014 

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  1. I've read all your posts - sometimes in awe, sometimes being extremely grateful I was home in my nice dry and comfortable bed. Thanks for letting us stay-at-home types enjoy your trip vicariously!